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Pursuant to Article 35 of the Games of Chance Act (Official Gazette no. 87/09, 35/13, 158/13, 41/14, 143/14) as well as Article 17 of the Ordinance on Interactive Online Casino Gaming (Official Gazette no. 78/10), the company SUPER SPORT d.o.o. (SUPER SPORT LLC), Zagreb, Krčka 18/d, PIN (OIB): 48471634697, represented by Danko Ćorić, Director (hereinafter: Supersport) on 19 December 2016 adopted the



(hereinafter: the Rules)

Introductory Provisions

Article 1 

(1)   These Rules shall regulate the general terms and conditions of participation in interactive online casino slot games (hereinafter within the meaning of these Rules: Casino Games).


(2)   These Rules shall be applied in accordance and together with the General Rules of Participation in Supersport Online Games (hereinafter: General Rules of Online Participation).


Article 2

(1)   These Rules shall serve as a legislative and legal grounds for execution of agreements on participation in Casino Games and, as such, they shall be binding to the parties in the agreement.


(2)   The agreement referred to in paragraph 1 hereto is executed between Supersport (hereinafter: Operator) and participants in the interactive online casino slot games (hereinafter: Player), based on the acceptance of these Rules, and General Rules of Online Participation, by selecting the offered gaming options and certifying the payment in accordance with the Player’s freely expressed will, by which the Player also confirms to be fully aware of the gaming method and details of the game.


(3)   These Rules shall be binding for the parties to the agreement, and by entering into the agreement referred to in the preceding paragraphs, the Player acknowledges their validity and confirms to have read and understood them and to accept them in full.


Liability for Payment of Winnings

Article 3

The Operator grants by all its property that the winnings shall be credited to the Player, provided that all conditions set forth by these Rules have been met.


Article 4

(1)   Payments for the participation in Casino Games shall be received via the internet, on the internet webpage of the Operator, where the Player is able to participate in the games in the interaction with the Operator’s ON-LINE system.


(2)   Once executed, the payment transaction cannot be canceled.


Article 5

Natural persons under the age of 18 are forbidden to participate in the interactive online casino slot games.


Article 6

(1)   When online games simulate slot machine games, the simulation must be identical to the expected operation of a real slot machine.


(2)   For each Casino Game, the Player may be offered to play either the real or trial (demo) game. In the real game the Player may gain the specified win, while in the trial game, the Player does not gain the win. Playing the trial game shall not be considered as participation in the particular Casino Game.


(3)   Each Casino Game comprises relevant information referring to the game description, instructions on the playing mode, scheme of wins and other relevant details.



Article 7

(1)   The Operator shall specify the price range for participation in a game. The Player shall select the price of the particular game within the offered price range.


(2)   The stake in a single game may be made by exchanging the money into points, coins, credits and other, depending on the game, and in accordance with the suggested relations and denominations.



Article 8

(1)   The graphic display of each Casino Game shall include a scheme of the winning combinations.


(2)   The result of each game is shown within its graphic display.




Article 9

(1)   The Player shall be entitled to a win after having gained one of the winning combinations set forth in the winning combination scheme.


(2)   The wins gained by the Player in the Casino Game shall be transferred to the Players virtual account (I-account).


(3)   In case of a technical fault of the system, any pay-in and payout referring to the ongoing games shall be canceled.


(4)   In case of wins gained based on technical faults, the Operator reserves the right not to pay them out and to refund the invested money to the Player.


(5)   The Operator shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Player that occurred as a consequence of the system, communication or equipment failure outside the Operator’s surveillance system (Force Majeure).


Jackpot Winnings

Article 10

The Operator reserves the right to specify various types of jackpots (e.g. guaranteed, progressive, group jackpot, etc.)


Final Provisions

Article 11

(1)   The Operator shall publish these Rules as well as any future changes and amendments hereto on the Operator’s webpage.


(2)   The changes and amendments hereto shall come into force as of the date of their publishing on the Operator’s webpage and they shall become effective without delay. The Player shall be considered notified about the changes and amendments hereto as of the moment of their publication on the Operator’s webpage, and the Operator reserves the right to inform the Player about such changes and amendments by other appropriate means as well (e.g. e-mail or webpage notifications).


(3)   If the Player logs in the gaming system and takes part in the Casino Games, after the changes and amendments hereto come into force, the changes and amendment shall be considered accepted by the Player.


Article 12

The disputes arising out from the participation in Casino Games shall be submitted to the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb which shall be considered the court of competent jurisdiction.


Article 13

These Rules shall come into force as of the date of their publishing on the Operator’s webpage, and after a prior decision on the authorization by the Ministry of Finance.


In Zagreb, 19 December 2016





Danko Ćorić, Director





Note: These Rules have been adopted in the Croatian language. In compliance with the legal obligation of the Operator they have been translated into the English and German language. In the event of discrepancy between the Croatian version of the Rules and their translation into English and German, the Croatian version shall prevail.