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Pursuant to Article 35 of the Games of Chance Act (Official Gazette no. 87/09, 35/13, 158/13, 41/14, 143/14) as well as Article 17 of the Ordinance on Interactive Online Casino Gaming (Official Gazette no. 78/10), the company SUPER SPORT d.o.o. (SUPER SPORT LLC), Zagreb, Krčka 18/d, PIN (OIB): 48471634697, represented by Danko Ćorić, Director (hereinafter: Supersport) on 19 December 2016 adopted the



(hereinafter: the Rules)



1. General Provisions


Article 1 

(1)   These Rules shall regulate the general terms and conditions of participation in interactive online casino Texas Hold’em poker games (hereinafter within the meaning of these Rules: Casino Poker Games).


(2)   These Rules shall be applied in accordance and together with the General Rules of Participation in Supersport Online Games (hereinafter: General Rules of Online Participation).


Article 2


(1)   These Rules shall serve as a legislative and legal grounds for execution of agreements on participation in Casino Poker Games and, as such, they shall be binding to the parties in the agreement.


(2)   The agreement referred to in paragraph 1 hereto is executed between Supersport (hereinafter: Operator) and participants in the interactive online casino Texas Hold’em poker games (hereinafter: Player), based on the acceptance of these Rules, and General Rules of Online Participation, by selecting the offered table or tournament for participation in the Casino Poker Game, by which the Player also confirms to be fully aware of the gaming method and details of the game.


(3)   These Rules shall be binding for the parties to the agreement, and by entering into the agreement referred to in the preceding paragraphs, the Player acknowledges their validity and confirms to have read and understood them and to accept them in full.


2. Liability for Payment of Wins


Article 3

The Operator grants by all its property that the winnings shall be credited to the Player, provided that all conditions set forth by these Rules have been met.


3. Payment for Casino Poker Games


Article 4

(1)   Payments for the participation in Casino Poker Games shall be received via the internet, on the internet web page of the Operator, where the Player is able to participate in the games in the interaction with the Operator’s ON-LINE system.


(2)   Once executed, the payment transaction cannot be canceled.


4. Age Ban on Gaming


Article 5

Natural persons under the age of 18 are forbidden to participate in the interactive online casino Texas Hold’em poker games.


Article 6

(1)   Poker is a card game which the Players play on gaming tables one against another. The currency used in all Casino Poker Games shall be Croatian Kuna (HRK). These Rules are in accordance with the international rules of the game, and shall be applied for all Casino Poker Games.


(2)   For each Casino Poker Game, the Player may be offered to play either the real or trial (demo) game. In the real game the Player may gain the specified win, while in the trial game, the Player does not gain the win. Playing the trial game shall not be considered as participation in the particular Casino Poker Game.


(3)   Each Casino Poker Game comprises relevant information referring to the game description, instructions on the playing mode and other relevant details.


5. Betting Range


Article 7

(1)   The Operator shall specify the range of bets for participation in a game. The Player shall select the price of the particular game within the offered betting range.


(2)   The bet in a single game may be made by putting the chips in accordance with the specified denominations.


6. The Right to Wins and Payout of Wins


Article 8


(1)   The wins gained by the Player in the Casino Poker Game shall be credited to the Players virtual account (I-account).


(2)   In case of a technical fault of the system, any pay-in and payout referring to the ongoing games shall be canceled.


(3)   In case of wins gained based on technical faults, the Operator reserves the right not to pay them out and to refund the invested money to the Player.


(4)   The Operator shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Player that occurred as a consequence of the system, communication or equipment failure outside the Operator’s surveillance system (Force Majeure).




1. Players


Article 9

The game may be played by 2 to 9 Players at a single table, depending on the table rules.


2. Dealer


Article 10

The Dealer is marked by a “dealer button”. After each hand, the dealer button shifts to the left among the players.


3. Blinds

Article 11

(1)   The game is played with two compulsory bets in each hand called “Small Blind” and “Big Blind”). The blinds must be posted before the cards are dealt to the Players at the table. The Player left to the dealer posts the Small Blind and the Player left to the Small Blind posts the Big Blind.


(2)   The Blinds are considered live bets. A Player in a blind position needs only to make up the difference, if any, between his blind and the current bet. Players in the blinds have the betting options to check, call, raise or fold.


4. Dealing


Each Player receives two cards dealt face down, visible only to the Player. These are “hole cards”. Then, five community cards are dealt; first, three cards called “the Flop” are dealt face up. Then, a fourth card called “the Turn” is dealt and then the final community card called "the River" of “the Fifth Street”.


5. Betting Rounds


Article 13

There are four rounds of betting. The first round starts after all Players have received their two cards. The Player to the left of the Big Blind plays first. All subsequent betting rounds begin with the Player to the dealer's left.


6. Showdown and Determining the Winning Poker Hand


Article 14

(1) After the last betting round and after all the cards have been dealt, the winner is determined by a showdown. The hand with the strongest five cards wins the Pot. The Players may use either the cards in the hand or the five community cards (without the cards in hand). If two or more Players show the same hand (which is the best on the table) the Pot is split equally among them.


(2) In case of bets in the river round, the Player who bet or raised the last, must show his hand first. If no bets were made, the active Player to the left of the dealer shows his hand first.


7. Ranking of Hands


Article 15

(1) The winning hand is the best hand consisting of 5 cards. Aces are the highest, except when they appear in a straight: A-2-3-4-5, here the aces are worth 1.


(2) If two or more Players have the hand of the same rank, the winner is the Player with the higher-ranked card.


(3) If the hands are still tied, Kicker (the highest card that the Player has in the hand that determines the winner) decides the winner.
















(4) In case of split pots and odd number of chips (1 lipa[1]), the odd chip goes to the winning Player to the dealer’s left.


8. Buy-In


Article 16

The Operator’s casino poker games are played with money on the table shown in the form of chips. This means that the game is played only with the chips that the Players have in front of them on the table. There is a minimum requirement for participation in the game, called Min Buy-In, and at the tables where there is no limit and with a pot limit there is also the Max Buy-In.



Blinds at the table

Min Buy-In

Max Buy-In

HRK 0.25/0.50

HRK 12.5

HRK 50

HRK 0.5/1

HRK 25

HRK 100


HRK 50

HRK 200

HRK 2/4

HRK 100

HRK 400

HRK 3/6

HRK 150

HRK 600

HRK 5/10

HRK 250

HRK 1000

HRK 10/20

HRK 500

HRK 2000

HRK 25/50

HRK 1250

HRK 5000


9. New Player


Article 17

A new Player to the game will be required to wait for the Big Blind to reach their position or to post the amount of the Big Blind to receive a hand immediately.


10. Missed Blinds

Article 18

The Player who missed a Big Blind can join the game again only if he/she waits for the Big Blind to reach its position or to post the amount of the Big Blind (live bet) to the Pot.


11. All-In


Article 19

The Player who posts all his/her chips to the Pot goes “all-in”, and this means that this Player remains in the game until the showdown. Such Player can win only the number of chips from each Player equal to the number of chips he had put to the Pot. If other Players post more chips, a side Pot is created. In this way, several side Pots may be created, if several Players posted all chips.


12. Limits (Betting Restrictions)


12.1. In General


Article 20

Raises in all games must be at least equal to the previous raises (in case of bets and raises), unless the Player already posted all their chips.


12.2. Fixed Limit


Article 21

(1) In Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em poker game, each table has the blind and raise limit set in advance.


(2) The raise in the first two rounds corresponds to a single Big Blind (e.g. in HRK 5/10 limit, the raise amounts to HRK 10). The lower raise is used in the first two, and the higher raise is used in the next two rounds of raises, but in the amount of two Big Blinds.


(3) The maximum raises allowed in each round are four (initial bets + 3 raises).


12.3. No Limit


Article 22

(1) In No Limit Texas Hold 'em, a Player can bet any amount at any time from the minimum bet to the maximum number of chips they have in front of them.


(2) The minimum bet equals the Big Blind.


12.4. Pot Limit


Article 23

(1) In Pot Limit Texas Hold’em, a Player can bet any amount from the minimum bet to the maximum number of chips they have in front of them, but up to the size of the Pot.


(2) The minimum bet must be equal to the Big Blind.


13. Pot


Article 24

(1) In each round of betting within a single round, the Players contribute to a specific amount of money called the Pot.


(2) The Pot is awarded to the Player who shows the winning hand at the showdown (according to the card rank).


14. Rake


14.1. Rake in General


Article 25

(1) Rake is a commission fee taken from the Pot to which all active Players at the table contribute in the game for real money.


(2) Rake is taken only from the Pots with a Flop.


(3) Active Players are only those Players to whom the cards are dealt at the table.


Article 26

(1) Rake is defined in accordance with the weighted contribution method, which means that each Player participates in the Rake proportionally to the amount they contributed to the Pot.


(2) Rake is determined in the percentage of the Pot set by the Operator.


14.2. Rake in Poker Tournaments


Article 27

(1) In poker tournaments and Sit&Gos the commission fee is the organizer’s income, except in Freerolls.


(2) The commission fee is shown as an addition to the tournament participation fee (e.g. HRK 10+1 – HRK 10 is added to awards, and HRK 1 goes to the organizer). This rule also applies in registration to Sit&Go tournaments.


III.             TERMS OF USE


1. Software Modifications


Article 28

The Player may not modify, reconstruct or disassemble the software in any way.


2. Fixing the Game and Return of Funds


Article 29

(1) This paragraph sets out provisions regarding penalties and return of funds in the following three types of fixing the game by the Players:

- cooperative play,

- chip dumping and

- collusion.


(2) In case of fixing the game, the affected Players shall have the right to a refund in accordance with the Operator’s decision.


(3) The Operator shall, at its own discretion, set one or several of the following penalties to the Players who participated in fixing the game:

a)      warning,

b)      taking away of the tournament prize;

c)      freezing and/or confiscation of funds from the I-account,

d)      closing of the I-account,

e)      ban from participation in the Operator’s games of chance.


(4) The Operator’s Security Team shall supervise the Casino Poker Games and they shall, if they so decide, inform the Players if they start an investigation in case of suspected fraudulent actions.


2.1. Cooperative Play


Article 30

The cooperative play is a forbidden situation in which two or more Players follow the bet of an all-in Player who cannot act any more or give up the hand. In this situation, the cooperative play is not permitted among the other Players who still can either play or give up the hand, in order to increase the chance for eliminating the all-in Player.


2.1. Chip Dumping


Article 31

The chip dumping is a forbidden situation in which a Player loses his/her chips on purpose in order to increase the other Player’s chances to win.


2.3. Collusion


Article 32

Collusion means that a single or several Players participate with two or more I-accounts in a tournament (either normal or Sit&Go) or at several tables and they share or try to share the information about their hands or other Players. The sharing of information means online gaming from the same computer, use of services for sending of messages and any other form of online or offline communication.


3. Interruption of Server Connection


Article 33

During a Texas Hold’em poker game faults or interruption of connection with the server are possible.


3.1. Interruption of Server Connection during Table Game


Article 34

(1) If there is a fault or interruption in the server connections during the table game, the Player who contributed to the Pot may contact the Operator’s customer service to investigate the situation.


(2) If the fault or interruption is on the Operator’s side, and if the Player had the winning hand, the Player shall be refunded for the loss.


(3) If the fault or interruption is not on the Operator’s side, the Player shall not have the right to a refund.


3.2. Interruption of Server Connection during a Tournament


Article 35

(1) In case of interruption of server connection during a tournament, the following procedure shall apply:

1.      If the Player is in a round in which he/she bet money, the Player will have 30 seconds for reconnection,

2.      If the Player fails to reconnect within 30 seconds:

·         If the Player can check, he/she will do it automatically,

·         If the Player has already made a bet by placing all chips, the round will be played until the end – the Player wins the chips if his/her hand is highest;

·         If the Player cannot check and did not place all chips, he/she will automatically play fold;

·         If the previous Player raised the bet, the Player will automatically play fold.


(2) The chips, in the value of a Small and Big Blind, shall be taken away from the Players whose connection is broken throughout the entire tournament when it is their turn to play, until they are eliminated from the tournament (or until they are able to reconnect and rejoin the tournament).


4. Server Maintenance


Article 36

(1) The Operator shall provide the server maintenance in accordance with the schedule announced in advance.


(2) During the server maintenance, the games on all tables of the particular software will be interrupted.


(3) The Players shall be informed about the server maintenance schedule by means of a Poker application or customer support.


(4) The Players will be able to play until the commencement of the server maintenance provision, and after the maintenance commences, the game will be interrupted.


(5) The Players at the tables on which the game is interrupted, will not have the right to claim the lost bets or wins.


5. Game Assistance Programs


Article 37

(1) To provide the safety and integrity of the Casino Poker Game the Operator shall not allow the use of any assistant programs which might bring unfair advantage in comparison to other Players.


(2) The assistant programs mean computer software and databases of the Player profiles.


(3) The unfair advantage shall be considered any use of the foregoing software during a Casino Poker Game that in any way collects Player data or suggests the certain actions with regard to the current situation in the game.


Article 38

By participating in the Operator’s Casino Poker Games, the Player accepts that the Operator may take any surveillance measure in order to reveal and prevent the use of prohibited software that is used during an ongoing game and that he/she shall not prevent the Operator from taking such measures in any way.


6. Bots


Article 39

(1) The use of artificial intelligence, including without restriction “robots” is strictly prohibited in the Casino Poker Games.


(2) Each use of the Poker application shall be only personal via an Operator approved game interface.


7. Prohibited Content


Article 40

(1) When using the chat service or uploading their avatar images, the Players are forbidden to use illegal, improper, racist, threatening or potentially offensive content.


(2) If such content is revealed, it shall be removed immediately, and the Players shall be punished in a certain way: warned, their avatar will be removed, banned from the chat service or in case of more severe violation of this rule, their I-account will be closed pursuant to the Operator’s decision.


8. Supervision and Penalties


Article 41

(1) The Operator shall use sophisticated acts of supervision in order to reveal and prevent prohibited actions and use of prohibited programs.


(2) The Operator’s Security Team shall independently monitor all actions within the Poker application in order to ensure safety and integrity of the game offered to the Players.


(3) The Operator reserves the right to close the Player accounts, to withdraw wins and money from I-accounts, if it establishes prohibited actions have been performed or that prohibited software has been used.


Article 42

(1) The Player accepts that the information on every game and hand history shall be stored on the Operator’s servers.


(2) In case of discrepancy between the cards shown on the computer and stored data, when making a decision, only the stored data shall be used.


(3) The Player accepts that the Replay function for video review of the previous hands shall not be used as the official record of the hand history.


Article 43

The Operator reserves the right, in accordance with other measures, to restrict certain Players from participating in tournaments or gaming at a table. This also includes the restriction imposed to two or several Players to participate in the same tournament or play at the same table.




1. Changes and Amendments to the Rules


Article 44

(1)   The Operator shall publish these Rules as well as any future changes and amendments hereto on the Operator’s webpage.


(2)   The changes and amendments hereto shall come into force as of the date of their publishing on the Operator’s webpage and they shall become effective without delay. The Player shall be considered notified about the changes and amendments hereto as of the moment of their publication on the Operator’s webpage, and the Operator reserves the right to inform the Player about such changes and amendments by other appropriate means as well (e.g. e-mail or webpage notifications).


(3)   If the Player logs in the gaming system and takes part in the Casino Poker Games, after the changes and amendments hereto come into force, the changes and amendment shall be considered accepted by the Player.


Settlement of Disputes


Article 45

The disputes arising out from the participation in Casino Poker Games shall be submitted to the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb which shall be considered the court of competent jurisdiction.


Article 46

These Rules shall come into force as of the date of their publishing on the Operator’s webpage, and after a prior decision on the authorization by the Ministry of Finance.


In Zagreb, 19 December 2016






Danko Ćorić, Director








Note: These Rules have been adopted in the Croatian language. In compliance with the legal obligation of the Operator they have been translated into the English and German language. In the event of discrepancy between the Croatian version of the Rules and their translation into English and German, the Croatian version shall prevail.




[1] translator's note - 1 lipa = HRK 1/100